Why Pre-Order?

Due to the limited number of units available, figures and collectibles will often sell out before their release. The safest way to secure a figure is to 'pre-order' - that is to purchase the product before the release date.

You can pre-order a product here, with as little as 20% deposit.

Discounts are usually offered for pre-ordering.


Every pre-order item has an estimated release date. Just like any product, there can be delays in production that affect this.

Estimated release dates can change - this is quite common and release dates often move 1-3 months and sometimes more. If, after purchasing your pre-order, the expected release date changes significantly then we will, of course, do our best to notify you, but if for some reason our email doesn’t reach you, then the expected release date can usually be found on this product page.

Expected release dates are not guaranteed. We list the estimated date given by our suppliers, but delays can and do happen, so please take this into account when ordering.


Pre-order items are usually high-end artistic items, manufactured on the basis of pre-orders received and are therefore considered "made to order" / "bespoke". We have to commit to purchase such items when we register your pre-order with the manufacturer / distributor. Accordingly, whilst you can cancel a pre-order at any time, if you cancel we can only refund 80% of the amount you paid (or when paying using a payment plan, we will refund anything paid in excess of the minimum 20% deposit) because we have to try to find another buyer for your item.